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The Auto Body Shop Management Tools contained in the CollisionSite Systems are a direct result of working with collision center managers and staff to develop the customer management tools and reports that they need, and making it work the way shop managers want it to work: Simple and Fast.

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When it comes to Shop Management Software,
Bigger is not always Better!

The CollisionSite Gold and Silver Systems contains the most useful auto body shop management tools and reports without the excess complicated features that are hardly (if ever) used of the big name management systems . The CollisionSite Systems are also less time consuming and less expensive than those big name systems.

Want to know how many jobs you have and totals? 1 CLICK. Need to know how many jobs an estimator has in the shop now? 1 CLICK. How many jobs a particular insurance company had this month? 1 CLICK. How Much Sublet Work needs to be done? 1 CLICK. The list goes on and on.

The management tools contained in the CollisionSite Gold System are a direct result of working with collision center managers and staff and developing the tools and reports that they need, by their specifications and making it work the way shop managers want it to work: Simple and Fast.

Every detail of this system has evolved through the input of collision center staff who use the system every day. See for yourself why is the best kept secret in the collision industry!

Gold System Shop Management Features

:Shop Management Reports:

The Gold System Management Reports were designed to be fast and simple. Many reports require only one click. All reports were developed to the specifications of Collision Center Managers. With CollisionSite, management reports are simple and not confusing. Unlike other shop management tools, you do not have to "create" reports. Simply click the report you want to see and there it is. Reports are displayed within your CollisionSite system with the option to view or save a printable pdf.

Job Reports
Insurance Reports
Closed Jobs Closed Summary
Active Jobs Active Jobs Summary
Jobs By Status  
Estimator Reports
Technician Reports
C.S.I Reports
Overall C.S.I. Insurance C.S.I.
Technician C.S.I. Estimator C.S.I.
Customer Reports
Customer History  

:Job Tracking System:

The Job Tracking System keeps everyone informed of vehicle status, due dates, payments owed, jobs ready for delivery and more. Automatic due date alerts help you avoid late vehicles and rental fees. Easy-to-read charts throughout the system show exactly how many labor hours you have scheduled in each department. Staff have to choose a reason when a due date is changed, allowing managers to locate repeating problems in the shop that are causing cycle time delays. With the CollisionSite Job Tracking System, all job information is organized and easily available.

:FastTrack Production Management System:

Available in our Gold system, the CollisionSite FastTrack Production System® is an all-in-one system that makes it easy to manage and track jobs and production. Job data is posted from your estimating software and supplements are updated automatically. When developing our Production Management System, we took a different approach. Rather than display what has been done on vehicles, we decided to begin with the idea of keeping everyone informed of what NEEDS TO BE DONE, AND WHO NEEDS TO DO IT in order to get the vehicle through the repair process faster.

Simply assign a technician to each labor task on a job and mark it done when it is complete and the FastTrack Production Management System takes care of the rest. Job Status changes automatically and is displayed to your staff and on your website. With One Click staff can see all sublet work that needs to be done. It just can't be any easier. For more information schedule a live online demo and see how simple it really is!

:Technician Management:

View Technician WorksheetTechnician Hours ReportTechnician Active Jobs
The CollisionSite Gold System makes it easy to track of technicians, hours and payments. The Gold system allows you to see which technicians are assigned to jobs, what tasks have been completed on each job, print technician worksheets and technician reports showing hours owed and hours paid for each job.

When assigning technicians to jobs, the total hours already assigned to that technician shows right beside the name, making it easy to keep the worflow evenly distributed. Instantly see what jobs technicians are assigned to, see all jobs that are unpaid for each technician and keep track of partial hours payments.

Everyone knows exactly what needs to be done, who's assigned to do it, the number of estimated hours, how much the technician is owed and how much they have already been paid for the job.

:FastTrack Live View:

View Screenshot
The FastTrack Live View is a full-screen active jobs report developed to provide a live display of jobs in your shop. Simply connect to a flat screen television and display a live list of active jobs for your staff and technicians. The FastTrack Live View automatically refreshes every 7 minutes so jobs and status update automatically.

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