Auto Body Shop Communications Tools:

The Auto Body Shop Communication Tools contained in the CollisionSite Systems are a direct result of working with collision center managers developing customer and internal communications tools the way shop managers want want them to work: Simple and Fast.

Vehicle Status Update

Collision Repair Update
With the Gold or Silver Systems, your staff has an easy and powerful communications suite designed to save phone time and increase customer satisfaction.

Communications for each job are date and time stamped and stored as part of the job record, allowing managers to view and monitor electronic communications and updates between estimators and customers. This can provide proof to insurance representatives that you kept customers updated, and since managers can view and monitor updates, staff members are more prompt in updating customers.

Staff messages keep everyone in your shop informed of parts delays or problems.

Communications Features

:1 Click Update:

customer UpdateThe CollisionSite Gold and Silver Systems contain our 1 Click Update feature. This allows your staff to instantly update everyone regarding the repair status of a vehicle.

This feature was enhanced to include insurance agents, giving Collision Repair Centers a way to market themselves to Insurance Agents who refer customers to reputable shops.

:Customer Text Message Updates:

Auto Repair Status Text MessageCollision repair customers now have the convenience of being updated about the repair status of their vehicle on their cell phone. With CollisionSite your staff can easily send text message updates to customers.

This feature was designed and developed specifically to reduce phone time for collision center staff while increasing customer satisfaction and convenience.

Cell Phone Numbers are stored for each customer. Simply use our 1 Click Update feature to send a quick repair status alert, or use our progress report feature to enter details.

Your customers and staff will appreciate the convenience!

:Customer & Insurance messages:

Customers can send messages directly to estimators through your website. These messages are time and date stamped and saved as part of the job record. This allows managers to view communications between customers and staff.

Insurance Representatives can log in to your website to view and print updated information, photos, approve supplements or job changes and send messages to your staff members.

:Staff Messages:

The CollisionSite Gold System contains staff messaging features to keep everyone informed of parts delays or other problems. Simply click the staff message icon, enter text and click submit. Staff messages are prominently displayed to managers and the estimator assigned to the job.

:Integrated CSI Surveys:

View Questions
View Results
View Report
When a customer's vehicle is marked as delivered, they can complete the integrated C.S.I. Survey on your website.
  • Customers answer insurance industry approved questions.
  • You get immediate alerts of surveys.
  • View and print CSI reports online anytime.
  • View CSI scores for service personnel, technicians, individual insurance companies and shop.
  • Separate scores for Insurance and Shop.

:Customer Thank You Letters:

The CollisionSite Gold System contains printable thank you letters for customers. Thank you letters can be sent via email or printed. Our convenient tracking system lets you know if a customer has been sent a thank you letter.

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