Facebook setup and applications available.
CollisionSite® now offers the ability to create your business facebook pages and custom facebook applications.

If you do not currently have a facebook page for your business, it is time that you create one. If you do not have a facebook application for your Facebook page, such as: Questionnaires, Coupons, Prize Giveaways, Surveys, C.S.I. (Customer Satisfaction Index) Surveys, or anything you can think of to help grow your business, it is time you create one.

Besides offering the best SEO(Search Engine Optimized) websites for the Collision industry, we are now offering the best web based applications on facebook.

Contact, Support@Collisionsite.com for more information.


SEO(Search Engine Optimization) Update.

New functionality is now available for CollisionSite® websites.
You can now edit the Meta Tag data and Title of each Individual page in your website.

CollisionSite® consistently has the best Search Engine Rankings for it's Collision Repair Auto Body Shop Websites. If you want a website that is consitantly at the top of the Search engines Rankings, choose a CollisionSite.com website.

Meta Tag data is used by Search Engines to gain an understanding of how to categorize your website.

You are now able to tailor each page in your website to be specifically individual for Search Engines. You can change the Title, Keywords and Description of every page individually to help Search Engines recognize exactly what that page is about.

While CollisionSite® has always provided this data to search engines using typical keywords and descriptions for the Collision Industry, you now have the ability to tailor this data to your specific website on a page by page basis.

CollisionSite®, Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 9 fully compatible.

CollisionSite is fully Windows 7* and Internet Explorer 9 compatible. We are consitently working on improving the CollisionSite system and we are looking forward to adding new features that the HTML5 compliance of Internet Explorer 9 and Windows 7 allow. CollisionSite supports all other modern browsers as well.

*Due to the antiquated technology(Dbase) that all estimating software uses, EMSLink®(CollisionSite® estimate upload software) that is installed on your computer will not run on 64 bit systems. We are currently working on a fix for this issue.

New functionality is now available for your website.
Upload your Radio Ad or Music to your Home Page.

CollisionSite® introduces the ability to upload an MP3 to your Home Page. Whether it be your Radio Advertisement, your favorite song or just mood music, you can now add a new dimension to your website.

In your website administration area you can simply browse to the mp3 you want to upload and with the click of a button add it to your website. You can change it as often as  you like.

Once an MP3 has been uploaded an MP3 player will show up on your websites Home Page.

In your admin you can also change the color of the MP3 player as well as the text that scrolls in the MP3 player.

CollisionSite® Featured in J.D. Power and Associates.

The Founders of CollisionSite.com® and CollisionSite® Clients were interviewed for the December 2007 edition of the J.D. Power and Associates Online Automotive Review Dealer Edition.

The article is titled "The Internet is Shaking Up the Collision Industry". The article features Collisionsite.com client websites and gives useful information for automotive dealers looking to market their collision centers.

Click Here to visit the J.D. Power and Associates Online Automotive Review website http://www.onlineautomotivereview.com

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