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CollisionSite.com was founded in 2004 by a team of business professionals with decades of experience in the fields of website design, programming, and the collision industry. CollisionSite began as an idea to give Collision Centers dynamic affordable website systems with functionality for customers and insurance agents. As our client base increased and our clients requested more functionality, CollisionSite has evolved into a robust online system featuring online management tools, and customer communications tools.

With the help of our collision center managers, production managers and estimators, we have developed an extremely powerful website, management and communications system that is easy to understand and use.

CollisionSite Mission Statement

CollisionSite's goal is to provide everything a collision center needs to run an efficient and productive business that encourages life long customer loyalty and referrals in one central location. From shop management and accounting tools, to C.S.I., to fully featured websites that provide functionality to communicate with customers, insurance agencies, vendors and other important business partners. All based around the idea of improving overall shop performance, customer satisfaction and insurance agency referrals.

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