benefits offers several systems to suit your needs. Our powerful FastTrack Production System with integrated website communications, or if you just want a great website for your collision center with vehicle status photos and information for customers and insurance agents, we have a system that will increase your production and give your collision center the modern professional website that customers expect from any business.

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:Body Shop Manager Benefits:

Job Information:
With CollisionSite Systems, managers have the ability to view jobs and run reports quickly. Since CollisionSite is a fully hosted solution, managers can log in from anywhere at any time to track and monitor jobs in the shop.

The Communications System joins staff, managers, customers and insurance agents for instant communications and data sharing. Everyone has the same information a click away. All communications are stored and become part of the job record. Job data is automatically uploaded from your existing Estimating Software, so you know it is accurate and up to date. Customers and insurance agents see updated job information minutes after you write a supplement or make job changes.

A CollisionSite Website gives your shop the edge with services that other collision centers may not offer. No other company offers the Collision Center Website Functionality and Services that you get with a CollisionSite Website.

The greatest advantage of a CollisionSite system is the ability to share information and communications instantly, greatly reducing phone time for everyone in the shop.


:Estimator Benefits:

Phone Time for estimators is greatly reduced with the CollisionSite® Systems. Email notifications to customers and insurance agents keep everyone informed. Job status photos and current information being online reduces customer and insurance calls.

Job Tracking:
The job tracking capabilities allow estimators see all their job due dates and job status at once. Vehicle Status alerts inform estimators as soon as a vehicle is ready for delivery and due date and on-hold alerts help them inform customers and insurance agents of possible delays in advance.

Estimators can easily send text message updates to the customer's cell phone
. Simply click, type and send.
The internal Staff Communications System allows estimators, production managers and managers to stay informed of any possible problems or delays without having to go walk the shop or be on the phone. Customers, insurance agents and vendors can see detailed, current information online and send messages directly to estimators from your website, reducing phone time even more.

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