Frequent Questions
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General Questions
1. Is a Long-Term Contract Required?
  NO. keeps customers the old fashioned way. We provide great products and great service. Should a client wish to cancel their monthly service subscription, they simply contact us to request cancellation.
2. Is The CollisionSite System Multi-User?
  YES. The CollisionSite Silver and Gold Systems are designed for multiple users. Managers see all information and estimators only see their jobs, reports and information. Anyone given access can upload photos or send updates whether it is a manager, production manager, estimator or even a secretary.
3. Does The CollisionSite System Require Technical Knowledge?
  No. The CollisionSite System was developed to be simple and self explanatory. If you can send an email then you can use the CollisionSite system.
4. Is Using The CollisionSite System Time Consuming?

The CollisionSite system was BUILT FOR SAVING TIME. Not every customer will have email or request text message updates, so no work is required for those customers unless shops wish to keep their insurance representatives informed.

The time it takes to send customers occasional text message updates and progress reports from the CollisionSite system is more than offset by the reduction in phone calls.

5. How Do We Learn To Use The System?
  The CollisionSite System contains training videos for every aspect of the system as well as thorough documentation. However, the system is so simple and self explanatory few clients need training. We also provide technical support in case you have any other issues.
7. If I sign up how long does it take to get started?
  Setup time varies depending on the system you select and whether you already have a domain name. It usually takes less than 24 hours to completely set up your account and have your website live on the internet
Data and Information Questions
1. Do We Have to Enter Job Data to Have Job Information Online?
  The Majority of data is uploaded automatically from an EMS Extract in the estimating software.
If an R.O. Number is included, the job can be viewed online automatically. There is some information not included in an EMS Extract including: Customer Cell Phone Information, Customer Email Address and Insurance Email Addresses. Updating job information such as job status and due dates or adding photos is completely optional.
2. What Estimating Software Does The CollisionSite System Extract Data From?

The software currently interfaces with CCC Pathways, Mitchell, Audatex, Shoplink, Web-Est and Comp-Est.
Shop personnel can simply export EMS on any job from their estimating software and the data will automatically transfer to their CollisionSite system. Estimating software has an option to automatically do an EMS export when a job is locked, so no interaction is required for data to be uploaded to their CollisionSite system.

If the shop uses estimating software other than those listed above, we will program the CollisionSite software to read the EMS data. The CollisionSite system is programmed according to CIECA standards to read data from EMS Files which all estimating software can export. Since there are slight variations in the way estimating software writes the information, we would need to consult with the software manufacturer.

3. Is My Customer Data Secured?

Yes. CollisionSite does not sell or share user data in any way. View our privacy policy for more information.

No sensitive information is extracted! The CollisionSite system simply extracts the same information that is on a printed estimate from the shop’s estimating software. We do not retrieve data from shop management systems or accounting programs. Estimating software does not store or export sensitive data such as customer credit card information and therefore it is not accessible.

We perform nightly backups of all data and continually update our system against all possible threats.

4. Is There Any Limit On Usage?
  NO. There are no limits on the number of jobs or photos a shop can have in the system, however data is only stored in the CollisionSite system for 15 months.
5. Does The Cost Of My CollisionSite System Include Email?
  NO. no longer provides email hosting. However, we can assist you in setting up email addresses if needed through your domain name registrar. You can use any existing email addresses.
6. What are the system requirements?
  Click here to view the system requirements.
Website Questions
1. Will My Website Show Up On Search Engines?
  Yes! CollisionSite websites contain search engine related tags and information. We can optionally submit your website to search engines once it is live.

We also list all CollisionSite clients on our online directory. is a top ranked website and this further increases your search engine ranking.
2. Can I Use My Existing Website With The CollisionSite System?

Yes. Although CollisionSite websites may have more features, if you already have a website that you wish to keep, we have several options.

  1. CollisionSite features such as customer log in and insurance log in can be seamlessly integrated into an existing website.
  2. Transfer the existing website design to the CollisionSite system. (additional fee)
  3. Keep the existing website and purchase an additional domain name for the CollisionSite website and have two websites on the internet. Having more than one website on the internet will increase search engine hits and ranking.
3. I Don't Have a Website or Domain Name, Do I Need To Buy a Domain Name?

YES. (with the following exceptions)

  1. If your shop is a franchise or one of a chain of shops, then your CollisionSite website can simply be linked from the main shop website. (Example: Demo Collision has 3 shops in different cities and has the domain name Each shop would simply be linked from the main website for and would not need a domain name for each shop)
  2. If your shop is attached to an auto dealership, you can simply link to your CollisionSite website from the auto dealer’s website
4. What if I Want a Custom Website Design?

Although the FREE website designs included in the CollisionSite system are very nice, there is the possibility that a local competitor could sign up and choose the exact same free website design.

CollisionSite can design and develop a complete custom website (in most cases) for much less than finding a local web designer. Since Collision Repair websites are our business, our custom websites are usually less expensive and more powerful.
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